Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Northwest College 60's Reunion

I was finally able to attend my very first Northwest College Reunion!!! I went from 1964-1967 but never graduated. So I felt like such a failure for such a long time. I was very glad that I took the oppurtunity to go and get rid of that stupid thinking!!! I had such fun reuniting with those that I had gone to college with and begin a healing process. PTL

My Camp High School Girls

This is my High School Camp girls: Breck, Alicia, Blaike, Brittany, Joy, Angelique, Oxanna, Sarah, Kelly, Elizabeth & Annastashia. I had two more, Dawn who came in the evenings after work & Daily who left Thurs. eve for another camp. So I had 13 awesome high School girls who knew how to have a good time and was touched by God in a very tremondous way!!!

LaVyonne, High School Camp Director

This is LaVyonne, at a very rare down time of being able to relax before the next issues need to be handled!

Lake Cresant

This is a view of Lake Cresant, Log Cabin Resort. This is where the High School Camp spent their first 2 1/2 days. It did rain some, really alot at night, but was still warm enough to water play.

Camp Obstacle Course

Here is Breck leading her group over the Obstacle Bridge.

Camp time at the Dungeness

Blaike, Blake & shay walking along the beach.

Camp Mudd Pitt Day

This is Blake, Breck & Blaike standing in line for a watering down before their shower. I took down several girls at the mud pit, but Breck took me down!

Monday, July 24, 2006

After the mud pit!!!

My first grandchild Blake, secong grandchild Breck & their friend Blaike cleaning up after the mud pit!!! By the way, Breck was able to take me down while the other girls could not! lol

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Lou loves Taz. When people come up to our door to visit & sees this sign, Lou turns to me & says "I don't think you're ALL that grouchy!!!

A pic of Lou & myself

This picture was actually taken 2 weeks after we married, July 4th 1997 at the Renton Assembly of God western church picnic.

Water colors

This is a picture of a water color I did of daisies.

Flowers in our yard

I just came back from two weeks of youth camps, & Lou has kept my flowers watered and has been laying bark. It just looks so beautiful!

Flowers even in this hot heat!

This is my beautiful hydranga! A mixture of blue/purple!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Devoted Daddy!

Dan, was at the hospital the whole intire time (4 days!) with Lynelle. It was quite a pleasurable site to see him take care of Lynelle & Kaydan. "YOU GO GUY"!!!

Pround "Auntie"

Tammy is a friend of Lynelle's that she met while working at Wall*Mart. Tammy was there in the hospital with Lynelle for 24 hours solid! What a friend! She brought the most cutest little fuzzy animals for Kaydan, one is a pink dog & the other a blue duck! lol Bet they become his little "worn blankees"!

Proud Auntie Tina

Tina is Lynelle's sister & was at the hospital taking alot of "Kaydan" pictures. She bravely brought 4 boys with her (They live in Alma) and knows how to have fun with them! She could not leave Yakima without visiting the street market & buying some frest fruits & vegtables. WHO COULD!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Graduating to Middle School

Lyshelle Sorg is graduating from 5th grade to middle school. I was able to attend her graduation where she was honored with the highest Music Award given to only two students a year. She sings solos acelpello (spelling) and plays every instrument in a Meramba Band (about 10-12). Her teacher says "she soaks up everything that she can teach her, is a very enthusiastic learner/performer & will go far in music."

Kaydan's Proud Brothers

Kevin Clark (15) & Skyler Sorg (15) with their brother Kaydan.

Kaydan's Proud Sisters

Danielle Clark (13) & Lyshelle Sorg (11) with Kaydan.

Proud Parents!

Dan Clark & Lynelle Sorg with their son, Kaydan William Sorg Clark.

Kaydan William Sorg Clark

Lou's daughter Lynelle gave birth to Kaydan June 10th, 7:54pm. He weighted 8 lbs. 2.2oz., 14" head & was 19 3/4th " long. I had the priviledge of being there with Lynelle during her labor & birth of Kaydan. He claimed me right away as his grandma by 'spraying' me and holding tight to my finger!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

LaVyonne & Family


LaVyonne & Family

Here are a couple of pics of LaV & Family in 2005

Blake, John & Dad

I had some front pics of John & dad playing in the water, but thought this was inappropriate enough.

These other 2 pics were of Blake & John playing together. I thought John's facial looks were cute!

Detrix doing what his dad does!

These pictires are of Detrix, Blake & Brian doing what Derrick does! Tearing up phone books. Looks like they are working really hard!!!

John & Josie with both of their Grandma's

I thought I had lost all of my pics that I had in my computer. Yeah, I found them & thought I had better share some before I loose them for good! These pics are from 1 1/2 years ago when Josie came home from the hospital.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

THIS (-----------------------------------------------------) BIG!!!

Oscar, the biggest coi in the pic, was about 3 inches 7 yrs. ago and now is almost 2 feet! Two of the other coi came out of our feeder fish inside tank 3 yrs ago at maybe 1 ich long. now look at them after 3 yrs!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Bonney Lake Challenge Course

This is the information display that I put together for the course (click on the picture to get a better view). We spent the day working with Youth United throw United Way doing service on the course. They all did a great job.