Saturday, September 13, 2008

John & Josie

This was taken Aug. 5th with the outfits that I had gotten for them while I was in Russia

Breck & Blake

At the same time I went down to Lav's & had my hair straightened, Breck was in a Fashion show.

Also included is a pic. of Blake being accepted at the University of Oregon. He leaves on the 23rd.

$th of July

More pics of our front yard decorations

More yard flowers & Dec.

Besides our flowers blooming throughout the spring & summer, Lou likes to decorate periodically for the season or holiday or special events.

Spring Time

These are some of our flowers that bloomed this past year. I was a little better at keeping up the yard even though I still was qauite busy.

Hi, I'm back!!!

I am very internet computer challenged especially when the sites change and make me change with them. lol So needless to say, it has taken me over a year to figure this out! I will be putting pics & info on periodically to catch all up on this past year.
These pics are from when I was at Lav's & we decided to see what I would look like in straight hair since I have always had naturally curly. How FUN it was!