Friday, June 16, 2006

Devoted Daddy!

Dan, was at the hospital the whole intire time (4 days!) with Lynelle. It was quite a pleasurable site to see him take care of Lynelle & Kaydan. "YOU GO GUY"!!!

Pround "Auntie"

Tammy is a friend of Lynelle's that she met while working at Wall*Mart. Tammy was there in the hospital with Lynelle for 24 hours solid! What a friend! She brought the most cutest little fuzzy animals for Kaydan, one is a pink dog & the other a blue duck! lol Bet they become his little "worn blankees"!

Proud Auntie Tina

Tina is Lynelle's sister & was at the hospital taking alot of "Kaydan" pictures. She bravely brought 4 boys with her (They live in Alma) and knows how to have fun with them! She could not leave Yakima without visiting the street market & buying some frest fruits & vegtables. WHO COULD!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Graduating to Middle School

Lyshelle Sorg is graduating from 5th grade to middle school. I was able to attend her graduation where she was honored with the highest Music Award given to only two students a year. She sings solos acelpello (spelling) and plays every instrument in a Meramba Band (about 10-12). Her teacher says "she soaks up everything that she can teach her, is a very enthusiastic learner/performer & will go far in music."

Kaydan's Proud Brothers

Kevin Clark (15) & Skyler Sorg (15) with their brother Kaydan.

Kaydan's Proud Sisters

Danielle Clark (13) & Lyshelle Sorg (11) with Kaydan.

Proud Parents!

Dan Clark & Lynelle Sorg with their son, Kaydan William Sorg Clark.

Kaydan William Sorg Clark

Lou's daughter Lynelle gave birth to Kaydan June 10th, 7:54pm. He weighted 8 lbs. 2.2oz., 14" head & was 19 3/4th " long. I had the priviledge of being there with Lynelle during her labor & birth of Kaydan. He claimed me right away as his grandma by 'spraying' me and holding tight to my finger!